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About Us

OUR MISSION here at Artfully Bliss is to make the wonders and pleasures of creating exquisite paintings accessible to all!  No need for an art degree to make magnificent paintings.  No need for extraordinary artistic skill.  All you need is our Paint By Numbers Kit.

Painting has been shown to cause tremendous mental health benefits, from calming and therapeutic effects, to enhanced neural activity and growth, including but not limited to the strengthening of memory as well as problem-solving skills.

We believe that these benefits should be made available to anybody and everybody, regardless of your level of painting skills.  So pick up a brush and get started today!



  • HEALTH BENEFITS – As we’ve mentioned, painting has many benefits like strengthened memory, enhanced problem-solving skills, and all the benefits that come from relaxation and stress relief (just to name a few) making our Paint By Numbers Kits perfect for anyone from a developing child in seek of a productive and nurturing hobby, to adults who just need a break from the action of everyday life.
  • HOME DECORATION – Do your walls need a bit of sprucing up? Then these Paint By Numbers Kits will be perfect for adding that bit of zest to your home décor! Add your own original paintings to your collection.
  • PERFECT GIFT – It’s better to give than to receive! With our wide array of paintings to choose from, we have something for everyone to enjoy!  Give a timeless gift to forever commemorate that special occasion, whatever it may be.  
  • GROUP ACTIVITY – Whether you’re looking for something engaging and interactive to do with the family on a Sunday, or you’re looking for a pleasant way to spend a night out with the girls, Artfully Bliss has got you covered with our Paint By Numbers Kits.
  • 100% FREE SHIPPING - We ship all of our products for FREE worldwide. 
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - At Artfully Bliss, we stand by our products and want to make sure you are satisfied with every order.  If you aren't happy with your order, just reach out to our support team and we will make it right!